We love music. Together we want to tune up a former gambling room and turn it into a place where we could meet and do real music.

Instead of vulgar slot machine ding ding that occupied this place before us, we want provide a spot and opportunities for yet unheard voices. We play with everyone and for everyone who wants to listen.

Music is able to break walls and push the limits of life. It melts hatred and creates friendships. We have been building Amaro Records for this kind of music.

Please, help us to create a great place to meet! Let`s another district of Brno to be heard!

We won`t be able to do it without your help. The anticipated costs grew up to 700 000 CZK. We believe that with your help we will be able to cover them!

Please contribute to our transparent account

Thank you

If you want to become a part of our community and pitch in the work on the new recording studio, let us know!

Amaro records is a community project of many enthusiasts and non-governmental organization IQ Roma servis. You can join us too! Everybody can somehow contribute to the project and become either a volunteer, supporter or sympathiser.

The reconstruction of a former gambling room on 22 Milada Horakova street is going on. You can support us financially, or just show public or symbolic support. You can tell others about us.

Our project is under the aegis of IQ Roma servis together with the support of Masaryk University College of  Social Studies in Brno.

Our expert as well as humane guarantor is Gejza Horváth – a Roma musician, composer and writer, who has been in charge of music leisure time group in IQRS for five years already.  Young Roma musicians perceive him as a role model and authority.

We also have the support of photographer Jindřich Štreit: „…What I have always admired is the Roma feeling for music and rhythm. Everybody has it, no matter if they are young or old. It is a gift from God that should not vanish, but we have to support it.“


articles & news

TZ: Amaro records – stylová kavárna a nahrávací studio jako sociální podnik
Admin | 12 December
Od pátku 2. prosince 2016 je v Brně na ulici Milady Horákové 22 v provozu unikátní hudební kavárna s prvky romského umění, nápaditou nabídkou menu a výjimečným
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Tisková zpráva: Amaro records je otevřené
Admin | 25 August
Nezisková organizace IQ Roma servis otevřela své komunitní nahrávací studio Amaro records. Na roční rekonstrukci se podíleli výhradně dobrovolníci. V Brně tak
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Slavnostní promítání klipu a jam session
Admin | 02 August
A pokud chcete být první, kteří mají to potěšení je slyšet a vidět, přijďte za námi do Amaro records na Milady Horákové 22. Své dílo vám představí skvělý Fany
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